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You may be wondering what counselling therapy is all about. There are varying different types of psychotherapy and talking therapies available and some of those you may of heard of or be familiar with already. Counselling therapy is a private and confidential way of dealing with problems, big or small, that may be affecting your life, past and/or present. Problems may be causing you to experience a feeling of stuckness, worry, anxiety, over-thinking or sleeplessness as well as other disruptive effects. It may be making you feel distracted or different to your usual self in some way. Counselling is a great way to discover a new perspective or make any necessary change that you are struggling to make. 

Encompassing just that, counselling can provide ways to explore and be supported through that exploration and experience positive changes that may come from our work together. I offer counselling in a safe and confidential environment without judgement and I am committed and dedicated to doing the very best for my clients. Some parts of your journey may be challenging and uncomfortable but rest assured you will be treated with a high level of empathy, kindness and warmth.

My core belief is that connection is the key to a successful counselling journey and I believe we are all unique. In recognising this, I tailor the way I work to find the most effective ways to suit your individuality. Overall, I offer Person-Centred Counselling with humanistic values which concentrates on your needs throughout and is non-directive.


Due to my previous experience working in emergency and urgent care I am able to fully appreciate and understand the need for flexibility and may be able to offer sessions during and outside normal working hours, including unsocial hours. Please get in touch for the most current and up to date availability.

Initial callback:

Once you have made contact you will be offered an initial call back to discuss your needs and establish your suitability for counselling. In rare circumstances a different service is required and if this is the case you will be offered all the information you need to get the right assistance.

What to expect at your first session:

Your very first session will mainly consist of introductions, assessment and contracting. We will explore and establish your understanding of this type of counselling and your individual counselling needs, we will go through necessary paperwork and ensure you are provided with all the relevant information needed, have any questions that you may have answered and make an informed choice about embarking on the journey ahead. Once these areas have been addressed we may also have time to start work together.

How many sessions will you have:

This will depend on the issue that is being worked on and clients needs, there is no hard and fast rule around this and reviews will occur to check in on the need for cessation, pause or continuation of work.







Rape Crisis

Survivors UK (Men only)

St Barnabas

Sue Ryder

Child Bereavement UK

Cruse Bereavement Support

Winston's Wish

If you are struggling with a Mental Health Crisis please contact your GP or call 111 for assistance. In an emergency always call 999.

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